The Origins of The Beaded Chain...

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The Beaded Chain is the final chapter in a journey that started many years ago. It started as a hobby scouring second-hand shops collecting costume jewellery and rescuing pieces of jewellery in need of a little TLC.

Many hours have been spent detangling kilos of tangled jewellery and saving from landfills as many reusable components as possible. Boxes of jewelry started to accumulate and the amount of jewellery was collecting started to become a storage problem.

Years later the concept of an online store was born, originally known as Flos Fancies. Flos Fancies was created in haste so that a dear friend could be witness to it before cancer took hold and she lost her fight. That friend was the Zing in Zip Dot Zing. A term she coined as representative of our different personalities. Pieces of jewellery that are not rescued and restored can be found in the Zip Dot Zing collection.

Now several years later the rescuing, restoring, and reinventing of the jewellery journey is reborn and the creation of gorgeous often one-of-a-kind designs is now known as The Beaded Chain.

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Rethink.